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Welcome to 5 Sense Healing


I'm Laurelle - A Personal Growth Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Minister and Vibrational Healing Therapist utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to shift perspectives towards healing and spiritual alignment. I feel each of us is stronger when we are in our most enlightened and empowered selves–grounded and connected to the Earth below and aligned with All That Is above. Every modality I work with is intended to empower you to be your most connected and present self, for when we are individually at our most whole so is the world.


My wish for you is exactly what I wish for myself – to align with the Divine Source in every moment, and be present with ourselves and the Natural World.


I work out of my home shop, The Faerie Den, in midtown Manhattan, and additionally offer most of my services via phone or video chat.  I hope this site informs and inspires you to be your most amazing self.


In great gratitude, Namasté.


CwC FrontCVR with Hot New Release & cate

My bestselling book is available on Amazon and at booksellers everywhere!
Or you may schedule a time with me to get your signed copy

Connecting with Crystals
Crystal Wisdom and Stone Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit
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Crystals have been used for millennia for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing – empowering us with a greater connection to our true selves and the natural world. This book shows how to harness these energies in our everyday lives. With an easy-to-understand introduction to working with crystals, and a full-color photo and description for over 250 stones, this book is a handy and beautiful reference guide for anyone interested in the ancient art of crystal healing.

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I'm also featured in  
Harmony In Chakras
My chapter covers Crystal Healing. Order on Amazon or pop by The Faerie Den in midtown Manhattan for your personalized copy... 



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A Bird Blogs about Gems, Jacquie Bird Host                                                 Featured Guest

Relax with Adam, Adam Weinberg Host                                           Relax with Laurelle

Ready To Heal, Hosted by Betsy Sawyer Galin, TV                  Recurring Featured Guest

          Crystals          Crystal Healing          Qigong

Coming of Age with Sally, Hosted by Sally Roth                              Featured Guest


Crystals, Hosted by Aman Singh Muker, Jus Punjabi TV        Recurring Featured Guest


Married & Counting, Award Winning Documentary                                                 Officiant


We're All Still Here, Music Video, artist Lauréll                                          Actress & Dancer



Health Talk, Gerry Laytin Host, Hofstra Radio         Meditation                    Featured Guest


Psyche Surfing, Stephanie Blair Host, Five Ohm Productions Exploring Crystal Worlds


Our Daily Magic, Kai Cole Host                                                                   Featured Guest


Is It Plugged In?, Adam Weinberg Host, Talking Alternatives Radio        Featured Guest


Cafecito Break, Rosangel Perez & Ruth Gordon, Hosts      Recurring Featured Guest

    Crystals ~ Show One link    Astrology ~ Show Two link    Additonal links at Cafecito Break


Intuitive Carol, Carol Adami Host, Blog Talk Radio                                     Featured Guest

The Invisible World, Frank Todaro Host, BlogTalk Radio                       Featured Guest






NewLife Expo                                                        Connecting with Crystals & Your Intuitive Wisdom

Healers Network Holistic Fair                              Crystal Healing and the Art of Laying-on-of-Stones

Magic Matters Summit                                                   Connecting with Crystals, Yourself & Source

The Zodiac Lounge                                                                Using Crystals for Healing and Wellness

Touch Mother Earth Virtual Earth Day 2020              Connecting with Crystals Meditative Journey

Awaken Wellness Fair - NYC 2018                                         Using Crystals by Color on the Chakras

Awaken Wellness Fair - Tarrytown 2018.                                                    Harmony In Chakras Panel

Fairy Fair, NJ 2018                                                                                  Connecting with Crystal Fairies

Touch Mother Earth Retreat 2018                            Connecting with Crystals & The Natural World

Iron Garden - 2016 : 2017                      Faeries, Elves & Other Kin : Source Meditation with Sound

Planet Heart's 8th Annual Earth Day Celebration...                                              Earth Panel Speaker

Floracopeia Teacher Training...          Foraging for Sacred Resins & Communing with The Ancients

Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival Panel...                                           Officiating & Gay Marriage Rights



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