i've agreed with you on the cell phone thing (which is why i am one of the few who still have a landline), and yet due to our society today and my own personal limitations, i still use mine… besides the convenience, i suppose i figure the frequencies are all around us (you less so in your beautiful faerie castle in the middle of nature), so i might as well use them since i have no control over all the electromagnetic waves flying around me at all times anyway.  i do feel there must be a better/healthier/more in alignment way to have this technology… humans are always crude in their initial creations/mimics of nature, and as they start to learn and connect more with the true core essence of things, start to make things better.  yet humankind never seems to do as well as nature at this point… so the question is, do we need to mimic nature/create?  or just connect to it?  humankind seems to have a drive to create/invent/bring in technologies.  there must be some reason for this.  personally, i think we are just trying to understand, in some primitive way, what electricity and frequency is all about... and that's why humans are using & experimenting with electricity and radio waves, etc… to bring understanding in.  also, this feeling of connection through the world wide web ...being able to be in touch with people all over the globe... shifts our mentality to one of universal union and connection in a way many may not have experienced it otherwise.  but it would be nice if we realized we didn't need to go through this 'dark ages mentality', and that just being in touch with nature and other beings will bring us all of the communication, connection and understanding we need… and that this mentality would return us to our psychic natures so we don't need cell phones to communicate anyway!  which brings me to the ultimate for me, which is to move into nature and not want or need a cell phone anymore. ;)  
much love to you sister, for always calling things out and inspiring awareness!  i look forward to watching more than 10 minutes of the above documentary. xox