Healing Holiday Gift Packages
In Gratitude ~ all Holiday Packages are offered at a 25% Discount

Available By Appointment through August 2019.

Purchase by 12/31/18 to reap the benefits, reference #holiday2018

StarDrop© Energy Healing Package
This new Energy Healing work brought in through Laurelle has been life-changing for many who have been working with it.
Gift yourself or your loved one with this amazing new energy healing that you can take home and apply yourself daily. (See the Testimonials section below for recent reviews)
3 StarDrop© Energy Healing Sessions
one 90 minute & two 60 minute
Normally $300 for all 3 -
available now for
Local & Long Distance
Sound & Energy Healing Package
Sound affects us all in profound ways. It vibrates away what is no longer serving us while bringing our body into a state of homeostasis and balance. Experience a full private Sound Bath & Healing for yourself, or gift it to a loved one who will resonate with it. Energy Healing Included
2 Sound & Energy Healing Sessions
one 90 minute & one 60 minute Normally $210 for both-
available now for
Local/In Person only
 Crystal, Sound & StarDrop© Vibrational Healing Package 
Looking for a sampler pack?
This is the one!
Variety is (as they say) the Spice of Life. Experience connecting to the wisdom of crystals. Engulf yourself in Sound. Embody the uplifting peace of a StarDrop© Energy Healing. Or Experience all 3 modalities at once!
1 magical 2.5 hour session encompassing all three modalities Normally $275, available now for $200
3 magical 60 minute sessions
one of each modality
Normally $300, available now for $225
Local only
Limited to 3 per person
If they are gifts for others, contact me for details
Recent Testimonials
Long Distance StarDrop© Energy Healing
"Wow! The Energy & StarDrop Healing were very powerful.
I haven't felt this good in months. Seriously, it's like night and day."
Lauréll, San Francisco
In Person StarDrop© Energy Healing
"Just a note to say thank you. I have no idea what you did but I definitely feel different.
I feel lighter and calmer, and yesterday things that always seem so hard to accomplish seemed
to happen much more easily. It's strange. I'm really excited for our next session.
I'm hoping to hold on to this feeling. Thank you"
Erica, NYC
​In Person Crystal, Sound & StarDrop© Energy Healing
"What is joy to you? A day spent at the beach? Dancing on table tops in a dive bar
in a foreign city? Seeing a sonogram of your soon to be born child?
Entering into a healing relationship with Laurelle was like that for me. Her incredible insights; immensely doable prescriptions and her bone deep wisdom filled me with wonder;
self-acceptance; and the assurance that I could heal.
One of the many reasons I recommend Laurelle is her expert listening.
This allows her to fine tune what she has already intuited so that the healing modality
she selects is perfect for what you are working with in that particular session.
When you combine this with her fairy princess vibration you cannot help but be
transported to the realm where your own healing resides.
I thank her so much for all the peace and well-being she has helped me achieve."
Kierra, NYC
All available By Appointment through August 2019
reference #holiday2018
5 Sense Healing sessions are held at The Faerie Den
Call or Text 917-406-0225 for appointment & full address