Exploring the Elemental Realms

(this ongoing series created through customer interest)

Are you interested in meeting the Fairy Folk or visiting Elven Kingdoms?  Do you wonder what the elemental world looks like, or ponder if rainbows in crystals really are Crystal Deva dwelling spaces?  Trying to find the portal entrances to Middle Earth or otherworldly dimensions?

Come explore with this dedicated group of elemental energy seekers.  We will use guided meditation, crystals, and other of natures magical tools to seek out those elemental energies who wish to connect to us more.  Bring you favorite bit of nature connection, and join us in The Faerie Den.  Limited to 12.

Thursdays near the new Moon, 7-9pm ~ $10-$20 exchange

Future dates TBA, Message Me

The Faerie Den or A park

West 55th Street or Central Or Prospect Park