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In Favor of Organic & Natural Mattresses...

At one time it was common for people to sleep outdoors, or in simple structures that allowed us to be close with nature. This was important for many reasons. Not only is communing with nature incredibly cleansing and recharging... the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature helps inform our cells on how to rebuild. Sleeping on the earth, and even on some naturally treated natural fibers (like hemp), allow our skin to soak in minerals and anti-microbials to help our immune system strengthen. Honoring the human body's natural connection to the earth who we are in co-existence with, is actually scientifically proven and incredibly beneficial for human health.

Sadly, at this point in America, most of us sleep on modern mattresses that have unnatural chemical fumes outgasing for approxiamately the first five years. We've gone from communing & recharging with nature to battling airborne allergens and chemical toxins. I'd prefer to give my body a chance to commune with natural fibers and strengthen and repair through the night. Therefore, I recommend checking out the following, and any other site like it. please send me info on what you've found. I'm currently investigating for a new mattress myself. ;)

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