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Spiritual Astrology Readings

Linking the Influence of the Planets to the Growth of the Soul

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Understanding and Using your Innate Gifts and Challenges

Interpreting the movement of the planets helps us to better understand ourselves and the times we are living in. If you are seeking to gain greater insight into who you are and where you might be headed next, Laurelle uses her astrological insight and wisdom to help you better understand your natural tendencies, navigate the current cycles of the planets to your greatest benefit, and find perspectives to make life changing shifts.

"I feel so blessed to be asked to share these insights with those who feel so called. It is always such a beautiful journey to look at someone’s chart—to see through their star imprint the magical being that chose to incarnate—to share their natural strengths, and help them find ways to negotiate their challenges."


Astro Shots • 30 minutes

Full Readings • 90 minutes or longer

Exact birth highly encouraged but not mandatory

Asteroids and extra-solar planets included upon request in longer sessions.

$60/half hour • $120/hr

$180/90min • $222/2 hrs

In Person & via Phone or Video Chat


"Thank you for the astrological reading... for the first time I am learning who I truly am, and gaining the wisdom to find the key to unlock the door to my future."

Millie, Bronx

Laurelle has been offering astrology readings and workshops since 2011.

Mentorships available.


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