"When you heal your spirit, you body truly heals"

Featured in the new book Harmony In Chakras.
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Laurelle has been called a spiritual alchemist, bridge-builder & crystal maven. A compassionate truth-seeker who works to get to the root of what troubles you, she helps to bring in new understanding on health, healing, & spiritual alignment. She uses crystals, essential oils, Source energy, sound, meditation & astrology as her main tools, and is deeply grounded in an earth-centered consciousness. She believes that our relationship with the natural world is key to connecting us to the Divine, Ourselves, and All That Is.

A Certified Master of Crystology, Certified Floracopeia Essential Oils Teacher, and Psychology of the Body Apprentice, she additionally holds certificates in Source Awareness Meditation, Barbara Brennan Hands of Light Healing and Astrology.  She has studied Zhineng Medical Qigong with Master Jianshe Liu, Classical Chinese Stone Medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, Sound Healing with Fabien Maman & Eileen McKusick, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda with David Crow, Voice, Movement & Sound with Master teachers in their fields, and various meditation modalities for many years. She is a Reverend through the Universal Life Church (featured in the award-winning documentary "Married & Counting..."), and performs ceremonies for life events and nature-centered celebrations. 


Featured in the new book Harmony in Chakras along with 33 other authors, her chapter is a do-it-yourself guide to Crystal Healing. Look for more books and media over the next few years on her digital shop.

Based in NYC, Laurelle travels into nature and throughout the country to speak and teach workshops, and frequents as a Guest on several TV, Radio & Internet Talk shows.  She offers most of her services via phone or Skype.
Call or text 917-406-0225, or message her to book an appointment.






Master of Crystology ~ Melody Method, 2010
Source Awareness Meditation ~ Rememberance & Manifesting, 2008

Floracopeia Essential Oils Certification with David Crow, 2010
Energy Mastery Program ~ Psychology of the Body Apprentice, 2008

My Path Astrology ~ Rebecca Gordon, 2008

Spiritual Reverend through The Universal Life Church, 2009


Laurelle has additionally been honored with the name Hokti Hillis Chado, which in the traditional Muskogee tongue translates to Stone Medicine Woman.  She accepts this name with much gratitude. 



Married & Counting - Award Winning Documentary, Officiant

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Time to Heal - Hosted by Betsy Sawyer Galin, NJ TV :

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Health Talk - Gerry Laytin Host, Hofstra Radio, Featured Guest

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