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Personal and Spiritual Growth Consultations

Shift out of pain into peace and joy • Discover your inner gifts


Similar to Life Coaching or Empowerment Coaching, this offering goes beyond those modalities to align with your best self while finding new ways of pursuing life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Do you have a question on any topic where you'd like a little guidance? Relationships, Career, Meditation, Alignment, Health/Well-being, Intuition, or Connecting to Yourself or Others more deeply? These consultations assist you in relieving anxiety, stress, confusion or depression, and bring clarity around any issue that you're having difficulty fielding on your own.


As a spiritual reverend and personal growth consultant, I work with you

to shift perspectives in all areas of your life, empowering you to connect

with your true spirit self. These consultations are designed to heal and unite your

whole being – body, mind, emotions and spirit – and to integrate nature-based tools while discovering new perspectives. I will give you practices to take with you that allow healing and growth to continue beyond our session. Discover how aligning more fully with love, acceptance, and inner peace can bring complete healing to you–allowing you to leave fear, anger and frustrations behind.

$60/half hour • $120/hr

$180/90min • $222/2 hrs

In Person & via Phone or Video Chat


"You helped me through my most difficult time. You are a trusted voice, a lended ear, and a great shoulder to lean on. Thank you."

Filip Klein, Brooklyn

Laurelle has been sought out for spiritual guidance since 1990, and has been practicing as an ordained reverend since 2009.

Mentorships available.

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