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"You're work is unique in that I don't feel like I did business with you...

it feels like a genuine exchange of energy. Awesomeness!" Peter D., NYC

Though I offer many types of consultation services,

there is often an overlap of more than one topic when we consult

and this is easily incorporated upon request.

$90/hr • $120/90min

$150/2 hrs • $60/half hour

In Person & via Phone or Video Chat

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Personal & Spiritual Growth
Shift out of pain into peace and joy • Discover your inner gifts

Have a question on any topic in your life where you'd like a little guidance?

Relationships, Career, Meditation, Alignment, Health/Well-being, Intuition, or Connecting to Yourself or Others more deeply? These consultations assist you in relieving anxiety, stress, confusion and depression and bring clarity around an issue that you're having difficulty fielding on your own.

As a spiritual reverend, personal growth consultant...
Guided Meditation & Instruction
Finding your inner buddha

Are you new to meditation, having some bumps in the road, or seeking a fresh meditative perspective? Would you like to focus more on Connecting to The Divine Source or Your Spirit Guides? Looking for ways to open to your Intuition or Innate Wisdom? Seeking your personal portal to Inner Peace or a deeper Connection to Love? Journey with me as we explore methods to find your greatest stillness, deepen your meditation practice and create a constant connection.
Holistic Consultations
Integrating Energy Medicine & Health Consciousness

These consultations empower you to heal your whole being–body, mind, emotions and soul. To learn to integrate spirit, thought, and nature-based tools & perspectives.

We explore the roots of any issues or dis-ease, and utilize New-Thought-Patterning, Crystals, Essential Oils, Source Energy, Qigong, Meditation, Astrology, Color, Sound, Flower Essences, Grounding & other holistic tools to assist you in aligning to your best self.
Connecting to the Natural World
Deepen your connection with yourself and the Divine within and around you by exploring how nature heals and teaches us. Learn the principals of Forest Bathing, and meditations and practices that can be utilized inside or out – including simple changes to infuse your indoor space with healthy outdoor ions. Incorporate nature into your everyday life, and learn techniques to practice indoors or out.

Commune more deeply with yourself and the ancient wisdom of the Natural World around you.
Crystal and Aromatherapy RX
Earth is a physical manifestation of the Divine, and her bounty provides us with powerful medicine that connect us to our true spirit and inspires a wholistic wellness that heals us body, mind, emotions and soul. If you have a particular health issue, discomfort or dis-ease you would like to address–or are simply curious how to incorporate these gifts from Gaia into your life– Laurelle will use her experience, knowledge and research materials to find the best crystal or essential oils solution.
Energy Healing Basics
Are you energy curious? ;) Would you like to utilize energy healing for yourself, your loved ones or your clients? With so many modalities to choose from an understanding of the basis of lightwork can assist you find your own path. Learn the core principals of energy medicine as well as ways to stay protected through the process and produce the most effective results.

Laurelle studied with five lineages of energy medicine, was gifted a modality she calls StarDrop™, and is Reiki and IET attuned.
Spiritual Astrology
Spiritual Astrology links the influence of the planets to the growth of the Soul. These are Astrological Personality Profiles, with the intent to understand natural tendencies & find perspectives to make life changing shifts. Asteroids included upon prior request.

Birth time, day, year & location required.

"Thank you for the astrological reading... for the first time I am learning who I truly am, and gaining the wisdom to find the key to unlock the door to my future." ~Millie, Bronx
Zhineng Medical Qigong
Incorporate this well-documented qigong in as little as 10 minutes a day to bring in healing, alignment, connection, increased energy and balance.

These are simple movements and practices that have been proven by western medical standards to be 95% effective in curing over 180 diseases – including Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Severe Depression, and Paralysis.

Zhineng Qigong is the ChiLel version of medical Qigong...
New Thought Patterning
The way we think changes our life, our brain, and the energetic frequency we emit. Psychoneuroimmunology, or the mind-body connection, proves certain parts of our brain send chemicals to other parts of our brain (based on our thoughts) that affect our physical health. Positive thought and meaningful meditation or mantras changes your brain chemistry and lengthens your life, while negative thoughts create neurochemicals that destroy the part of our limbic system that controls...
Voice and Movement
Movement is inexorably linked to the voice. In order for the voice to move freely, it is most helpful to incorporate movement and thought exercises that allow us to come to the stillness needed in a free vocal production.

A vocal and dance teacher for over 20 years (as well as a union actress/singer/dancer), Laurelle has also studied and incorporated Alexander, Feldenkrais and other body-mind movement based methods, along with vocal techniques for both the speaking voice and singing.
Movement and Dance
Laurelle sees movement as a link to our center, our presence, and a form of moving meditation that grounds us and connects us deeply to the Earths own rhythm. Free movement of our body is key to a long and healthy life, and brings us into presence. From Qigong to movement techniques like Alexander and Feldenkrais, to Body-Mind work, to dance, Laurelle has been teaching folks to move their body for over 30 years. Dance was her first passion, and is still one of her core principles.
Rock Readings
As with any reading, Crystals are this time the guide to finding out more about who you are and what you need to know at this time. The stones you choose may reveal information around love, career, finance, or any type of personal or spiritual growth.

By picking 5-7 rocks that call to you, Laurelle will interpret the wisdom these ancient stones have to relay, with a little time to ask specific questions.
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Personal and Spiritual Growth Consultations

"You helped me through my most difficult time. You are a trusted voice, a lended ear, and a great shoulder to lean on. Thank you."  Filip, Brooklyn

"Laurelle’s consultation was comprehensive and personalized, including essential oil recommendations, dietary suggestions, crystal healing knowledge, a meditation and affirmations (new thought patterning), as well as book recommendations. Her knowledge as a healing therapist is extensive and greatly appreciated. She provided me with a strong foundation to make significant holistic improvements to my life."

Cara, NYC

Holistic Consultations

"You're like an encyclopedia for this stuff!"

Erdan, NYC


"You are very intuitive... the way you zoomed into my issue and offered correct advice, all in a matter of minutes."

Amir, Brooklyn

Astrology Consultations

"I enjoyed our work... I feel great! Now I know the whys of so many things about myself. I'm definitely capable

of being more of who I am through this knowledge. This has been a key to further self discovery for me. Keep up the great work!"

Peter, NYC


"Thank you for the astrological reading... for the first time I am learning who I truly am, and gaining the wisdom to find the key to unlock the door to my future."

Millie, Bronx

Holistic and Astrological Consultations

"Thank you again for everything that you did for me, and for being so compassionate, honest, diligent, and full of sunshine energy which radiates from you so brightly! You are a true angel! You are energetically so immersed in your work, and doing it so effortlessly, it looks and feels like you are channeling it."

Erdan, NYC