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Readings, Teachings & Guidance

Including Personal Consultations and Mentorships

In Person or via Phone or Video Chat

"Your work is unique in that I don't feel like I did business with you...

it feels like a genuine exchange of energy. Awesomeness!" Peter D., NYC

Though I offer many types of guidance services—similar to the "many learnings" approach of the alchemists and the ancients who understood how all things connect—there is often an overlap of more than one topic when we consult. This is easily incorporated upon request. It is also the basis for many of my mentorships, which are an individualized approach to deep dives on any of the topics below... to come to a fuller understanding of each topic individually, and if you choose, to learn how that interplays with other aspects of the natural world from a holistic, spiritual, and new (yet ancient) scientific understanding.

$60/half hour • $120/hr

$180/90min • $222/2 hrs

In Person & via Phone or Video Chat

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Individualized deep dives into the many facets of each topic to help you attain your goals.

Spiritual Harmony

Spiritual Harmony

Living a Spiritually Aligned Life in Harmony with the Natural World

Crystal Mentorship

Crystal Mentorship

Deep dives into the many facets of crystals, and using them for healing and empowerment...



Techniques, practices and concepts for centering, grounding, connecting and being present in every moment...

Spiritual Astrology

Spiritual Astrology

The basics, plus deep dives into any area of astrology you are most interested in exploring...



From Qigong to modern social dancing to ballet and all points in between and beyond, we explore movement with the body, mind and spirit...

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Exploring what energy is, how it moves and works, and using it for healing, alignment, and wellness...


Personal and Spiritual Growth Consultations

"You helped me through my most difficult time. You are a trusted voice, a lended ear, and a great shoulder to lean on. Thank you."  Filip, Brooklyn

"Laurelle’s consultation was comprehensive and personalized, including essential oil recommendations, dietary suggestions, crystal healing knowledge, a meditation and affirmations (new thought patterning), as well as book recommendations. Her knowledge as a healing therapist is extensive and greatly appreciated. She provided me with a strong foundation to make significant holistic improvements to my life."

Cara, NYC

Holistic Consultations

"You're like an encyclopedia for this stuff!"

Erdan, NYC


"You are very intuitive... the way you zoomed into my issue and offered correct advice, all in a matter of minutes."

Amir, Brooklyn

Astrology Consultations

"I enjoyed our work... I feel great! Now I know the whys of so many things about myself. I'm definitely capable

of being more of who I am through this knowledge. This has been a key to further self discovery for me. Keep up the great work!"

Peter, NYC


"Thank you for the astrological reading... for the first time I am learning who I truly am, and gaining the wisdom to find the key to unlock the door to my future."

Millie, Bronx

Holistic and Astrological Consultations

"Thank you again for everything that you did for me, and for being so compassionate, honest, diligent, and full of sunshine energy which radiates from you so brightly! You are a true angel! You are energetically so immersed in your work, and doing it so effortlessly, it looks and feels like you are channeling it."

Erdan, NYC

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