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New Thought Patterning

and Empowerment Coaching

Simple Techniques to Heal Emotions, Mind and Body

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The way we think changes our life, our brain, and the energetic frequency we emit. Psychoneuroimmunology, or the mind-body connection, proves certain parts of our brain send chemicals to other parts of our brain (based on our thoughts) that affect our physical health. Positive thought and meaningful meditation or mantras changes your brain chemistry and lengthens your life, while negative thoughts create neurochemicals that destroy the part of our limbic system that controls destructive emotions and behaviors. When we go into negative thought we loose consciousness in the brain... we can go into a fear the brain believes to be real... we can loose our ability to stay in the present moment.


Our brains have enormous plasticity, however. They can create new cells and pathways if we give them the room to do so. Using emotional gland associations (ancient wisdom known through Ayurveda and Classical Chinese Medicine), Louise Hay's New Thought Patterning, advanced Ho'oponono techniques, Empowerment coaching tips, and more, I guide you through new ways of thinking that can mentally help you heal dis-ease and return to a happier, healthier life.

$60/half hour • $120/hr

$180/90min • $222/2 hrs

In Person & via Phone or Video Chat

Laurelle has been an empowerment and new thought patterning coach since 2009

Mentorships available.

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