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"Laurelle is my teacher in so many ways. She is incredibly generous

with her knowledge, and I learn something from her every time we talk.

I feel like I finally found someone who is fluent in the language that I wish to speak!"

Maryl, Brooklyn

"Laurelle is one of my favorite teachers and I tell everyone I meet about her. In every one of her classes she has a real way of presenting a whole lot of information in a very short period of time, giving us a well-rounded class but also catering to specific interests and questions of the unique individuals that vary in every gathering.  Her intense knowledge base not only comes from years of study but also her personal experiences through her work.  This inspired balance comes through in each class because not only are we given the opportunity to hear a true maven speak eloquently about the characteristics of specific stones but then also get the opportunity to have our own inner learning experience by holding and meditating with the stones and then co-sharing with the group.  As a student, I always leave with insight, awareness, community, and tools to take home with to further study crystal-wisdom in the unlimited ways that my hearts feel called to.  I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to study with someone that so obviously cares deeply about what she does and loves to share that with others.  It makes my heart sing and makes learning a true joy!"

Elizabeth, Brooklyn




Classes & Workshops Available Upon Request

Check TheFaerieDen or Facebook for current classes, take a private lesson,

or gather a few friends and make one happen!

Meditating with Source • Insights on using anatomy to connect to ourselves & All That Is

Explore your physical connection to Source, the intelligence of your heart, and how to use these insights to deepen your meditation practice and create a constant connection.

Previously taught at The Cayce Center, NYC; Faerie Den, NYC ••• 1-2 hours

Crystal Journey Workshop–Meet the Crystals

Join us to connect more fully with the crystal that calls to you most! Bestselling author Laurelle Rethke will guide you on a Crystal Meditation Journey to help you open to subtle energies of stones, and your own intuitive wisdom. We’ll share our experiences after, and Laurelle will speak about every crystal chosen––almost like a mini rock reading for each guest present––allowing you to learn about the link you have with your special stone as well as the ones chosen by other attendees. Time permitting, Laurelle will also cover your specific questions about working with gemstones. Bring a pen and paper to take notes and get ready to more deeply explore the magical world of crystals. Crystal Connection–Wurtsboro, NY; The Healing Center at Port Jeff Salt Cave–Long Island, NY; Crystal Garden Mount Pocono, PA ••• 2 hours


Connecting with Crystals  • Experience the subtle energies of Stones

Experience connecting to the subtle energies of stones, learn to identify various stones, to intuit which crystals provide which energies, and get some basic scientific reasons for why the stones work and which stones will work for which issues. Get all your questions about working with crystals answered in this natural color & energy healing experience, including how crystals can help us open to our own innate intuitive wisdom.  3 free crystals included.

Cayce Center, NYC; Awakening NYC; Earth Tribe Yoga, CA; Crystal Connection, NY; Lyons Love, CO; Faerie Den, NYC; Mystic Garden, NY; Arc 44, NY; Crystals on the Rocks, NY; The Beehive, NYC; Zoom ••• 4-6 hour workshop


Crystal Healing CertificationWeekend Intensive or Weekly Classes available

•Learn, Practice & Experience key Crystal Healing techniques while incorporating the Core Essence of Crystal Healing • Training in over 40 stones. • Expert support for 3 months after, ongoing Alumni support, plus a booklet of handouts to take home for further study and retention.
This Immersive, Semi-Private course covers many aspects of working with Crystals... including opening to their subtle energies, some of the science behind crystal healing, identification and application of a large variety of stones & crystal "families", hands on training in key Crystal Healing techniques used in modern & ancient traditions, insights to gain deeper healings, and opening to your own inner healer. We will additionally cover basic client and crystal care, and personalized topics specific to our small group needs... all while learning to work intuitively with the stones.

The Faerie Den, NYC; Awakening NYC; Amityville Apothecary–Long Island, NY; Zoom ••• 16-24 hour options

Astrology Basics An easy guide to understanding the signs, symbols & planets

Learn the basics of astrology, and how they relate to your own personal map of the skies at the time of your birth.  From the Signs, their Totems, and how they connect to the Planets & Houses, to some basic Astronomy and full explanations of the Planets & Houses, to the Cardnal Cross & Quadrants, the Moons Nodes, Symbols & Glyphs, Elements & Modes, Cusps, and Basic Interpretation, you will acquire all you need for a strong Astrological Foundation.

The Faerie Den, NYC; Avalon at Arc 44, NYS; Zoom ••• 12 hours


Symbols & Signs • 1 hour

Signs, Planets, Houses • 3-4 hours

All You Need for a Strong Astrological Foundation • 6-8 hours

Full Astrology Empowerment Course • 16-20 hours

Note: Asteroids, ExtraSolar Planets, Aspects & Composed Patterns, and further interpretation and exploration available in the Astrology Empowerment Course listed below. The course above has also been taught as Astrology 101 & 201

Energy Healing Basics

Are you interested in offering Energy Healing to friends, loved ones, or to increase your healing practice knowledge? Reiki, Qigong, IET, Brennan and other Energy Healing modalities all have a similar basis in their work. Learn about these basics, my own energy healing methods, and experience applying them for optimal retention. There will be plenty of time for questions, plus handouts for further study. Learn the basic Energy Healing Techniques and perimeters to bring health and wellness to yourself and others.

The Faerie Den, NYC; Zoom

Crystal Grid Immersion • Manifesting with Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids amplify intention setting, meditation and healing—and are wonderful allies for protection, manifestation, love and empowerment. Explore the transformative power of crystals working together towards a specific goal or purpose in this playful workshop, where you will get hands on practice making and experiencing your own crystal grids. We’ll cover the core principals of making a grid, the different types of grids you can utilize, touch on sacred geometry, and then practice working intuitively with the stones so you can create your own grids with ease and confidence, assisting you to bring powerful transformation into your own life.

Port Jeff Salt Cave, NY, Crystal Garden Mount Pocono, PA

Spiritual Self-Awareness • Shifting out of pain into peace & joy

Explore different ways to think and feel about challenges that come up in your life in order to heal the mind, spirit, emotions & body.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 1-3 hours


The Essentials of Essential Oils • aka The Wisdom of Aromatherapy

Engulf your senses in the healing power of Aromatherapy!

A sensation for your nose and a great stress reliever, this class will give you the opportunity to experience many essential oils first hand. You will receive a basic overview of the groups or "families" of essential oils, and how each group is best utilized for various issues. We will also cover the connection between scents & emotions, review basic safety information, learn different ways to use the oils, and even how the oils can help you connect to your own intuitive wisdom. In short, you will learn to incorporate natures medicinals safely & effectively into your everyday life.

Earth Tribe Yoga, SF; The Faerie Den, NYC; aka The Wisdom of Aromatherapy for The Cayce Center, NYC & The Crystal Connection Center, Wurtsboro NY •  4-6 hours


StarDrop™ Transmission

Join Laurelle as she guides you into the star realms to receive a Transmission of LightCode Frequencies that connect us more profoundly with Source and the Stars. These energetic activations spiritually attune us with the Central Star to bring light and even a lightness into our being—recalibrating us to our original energetic blueprint. Cleansing, clearing, regenerative, and potentially life changing, this particular vibrational frequency works to reset us on the cellular and energetic levels, with the energy flowing to wherever it is most needed in our lives… including a personal connection with our Star Selves. A simple yet powerful way to bring transformative change into your life this enlightening meditation will connect you with pure Source code, and help you to embody your star connection to bring you home to yourself.

Ad Astara–StarSeed Crystal Activation Retreat, Ellenville, NY • 30-60 minutes

Intro to Zhineng Medical Qigong
Zhineng Qigong is the ChiLel version of medical Qigong founded by Dr. Pang Ming. Used at the famous "medicineless hospital" in China in the 1990's, it has been reknowned to heal any type of dis-ease through Exercise, Love & Life Force Energy.  Learn the basic principles of this Qigong which was featured in Gregg Bradens' "Quantum Healing of Tumor" video, and how to use this energy to bring healing yourself and your loved ones.  Become familiar with the "lift chi up & pour chi down" exercises by following along, and learn how to open and expand your Chi Field to increase your energy and bring
in aligned healing.

Please dress comfortably for light movement.

Meta-Mystic Weekend, Sierra Hot Springs, CA • 1-6 hour workshops available

Qigong Forest Bath

Movement is a link to our center—to our presence—to being in body yet Divinely connected—and practicing Qigong in nature is a natural fit. The wisdom of this method utilizes our innate connection with the natural world to help us understand the flow of energy. This perfect setting allows us to experience communing more deeply with the energy of the earth and the ancient wisdom within her, allowing us to feel ourselves more fully and expand to resonate with the Sacred Universal frequencies all around us. The simple movements we will explore free our body and bring peace to our mind, imbuing us with natures intelligence and its natural flow in order to center, open and expand our field to connect with All That Is. The healing effects of doing this practice in nature are well documented, known to resonate within us for up to a month. Take this opportunity to open your senses to the magical healing influence of the natural world and deepen your connection with yourself and the Divine within and around us.

Ad Astara–StarSeed Crystal Activation Retreat, Ellenville, NY • 1-2 hour workshop options

Meditation ModalitiesExplore methods to find YOUR connection to stillness

From sitting cross-legged to movement based methods, this discussion and experiential workshop explores different ideas and modalities to help bring in your 'inner buddah'.

The Cayce Center, NYC • 1-6 hour versions of this workshop, or a 5 part series of 2 hour classes


Crystals & The Chakras
Are you curious about the healing properties of crystals, and how they work with the Chakra system?  This mini-workshop will cover key stones used for each chakra, along with information on how the stones work for healing and how they correlate to the Chakras. You will leave with a deeper knowledge of using crystals for healing & well-being.

Awakening, Brooklyn; The Crystal Connection, Wurtsburo, NY • 3-4 hours


Crystal Healing • The Art of Laying-on-of-Stones
Crystals are said to hold crystallized light consciousness, and have been used for millennia to bring healing and peace. Experience using crystals in this workshop, so you can bring healing to yourself and your loved ones. We will learn and practice the art of Laying-on-of-Stones to cleanse, align & activate the chakras and I will offer insights to gain deeper healings. Information about stones and Tibetan pulsing will also be covered.  Upon arrival, you will get to personalize your own Free Crystal Chakra Kit to work with during the class.  Bring any crystals of your own that you’d like to work with, and a yoga blanket or sheet.  Dress comfortably. 

Awakening NY, Brooklyn; The Cayce Center, NYC; The Crystal Connection Center, Wurtsboro NY • 4-6 hours


Astrology Empowerment • Learn to Forecast Your Life

Join Laurelle in an intensive 4-part series, covering the basics of Astrology and beyond, and learn to interpret your own personal map of the skies at the moment you were born.  These classes are intended to empower you to be able to forecast your own life and the lives of others, to fully understand, reflect on and anticipate major events in your life, and to ascertain the general weather of collective cycles. There is education here even for the master astrologer, as we will include recently discovered Asteroids and ExtraSolar planets, Aspects & Composed Patterns, and a computerized 3D representation of how the celestial bodies move in the sky.

Come explore your own personal fingerprint on the earth with us.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 16-20 hour course

Healing Emotions with Essential Oils

Learn the science behind using essential oils for the emotional body, how various oils can be used to soothe, stimulate, and treat emotional issues, and enjoy a scent-filled meditation.  Depending on workshop length, we will also practice giving emotionally cleansing & rejuvenating essential oil therapy.  This class is a natural Aromatherapy experience, regardless.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 2-6 hours


Metaphysical Medicine • Healing the Mind, Emotions, Body & Spirit

Understanding how your emotions, thoughts & spiritual outlook affect physical health & true healing. Discussion, techniques & meditation for Full Spectrum Healing.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 1-2 hours


Connecting to The Natural World Science, Techniques, Forest Bathing & Empowerment

Methods to feel your connection to Yourself, The Earth and All That Is.  From the science behind connecting (it's really good for your health!), to actual techniques to open you to the subtle energies of the world that is all around you, we will link to earth & galactic energies.

The Faerie Den, NYC; and everywhere I go! ;) • 1-2 hours


Crystals, Essential Oils & Connection

In this fast-paced, computer-everything, concrete & rubber sole shoe world, it's easy to get distracted from true connection. Crystals & Essential Oils are great tools to help us reconnect... to Ourselves, to Others, to Nature & the Earth, and to The Divine.  Crystals magnify energy & heighten experience.  Essential oils get to the core of our emotions while soothing and regenerating us.  Both heal our body, mind and soul, and must be experienced to be understood.  Come ready to be open & receive, comfortably dressed, and bring those closest to you, or those you'd like to be closer to.  Let's explore and play with connection in this experiencial workshop.  Using our tools we will open our subtle energies and feel our connection to others, our home, & ourselves.  By connecting in this way, we find our connection to the Divine within Us.

Meta-Mystic Weekend Retreat, CA; The Crystal Connection, NY • 2-4 hours


Scent & Sensuality

Engulf yourself in sensual aromas that will inspire you and your lover, or attract a playmate; Learn about the link between smell, emotions & passion; Experience various types of aprodisiac oils and explore Connection; Make your own sensual blend by class end.

Great for Valentines Day • 3-4 hours


Meditation 101 • Find your path to inner peace
Are you new to meditation or uncomfortable with it?  Have basic questions or bumps in the road?  Come discuss and explore meditation with us in a safe, supported space... for even those of us who struggle most can find a path to inner peace.  Meditation time included... drop in for one class or all.

The Cayce Center, NYC, The Faerie Den, NYC • 2-4 hours


Sacred Water • Pondering our connection to water and creation

A discussion on evolving theories around the physical source and continuation of life.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 1-2 hours


Shifting to an Earth-Centered Consciousness

Tending the relationship between you & the natural world

Why is nature so important in our modern world, and how can we connect to it?  Explore ideas on consciousness, nature, spirituality & love to bring in a more holistic, balanced, & grounded life.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 1-2 hours


Experiencing Crystals & Essential Oils

Journey into the subtle energies of two of Nature's treasures, utilizing guided meditation, scent & touch to experience their vibratory essence.  We will also cover basic science to help open our minds to the innate wisdom in these gifts from Gaia, and explore how they help us open to our own intuitive wisdom and spiritual connection.

The Cayce Center, NYC • 1-2hours


Sacred Woods, Resins & Smudging Herbs

Learn the history behind these Sacred Scents... why they are so widely used and so powerful, how to use them in daily, weekly or ritual practice, and what their physical, spiritual, mental & emotional healing gifts are.  Explore Frankincense Resin, Palo Santo Wood, Oud/Agarwood & Piñon Pine Resin, and receive additional information on Sage and other smudging herbs.

The Faerie Den, NYC • 1-2 hours


Addicted to Crystals • Monthly Meditation & Workshop w/co-host Travis Ogden

Discussion and playtime for those of us who just can't seem to stop communing with crystals!

Have you ever felt the undying urge to collect crystals?  You have plenty, yet you still seem to pick up the latest find?  Then you’re like us — simply fascinated with crystals!

From the experienced "crystal hound" to the curious newbie obsessed with learning everything, we invite you to join our interactive exploration of everything crystal! Lively Collaborative Discussion, Meditation, and Sound Healing all included in this Color & Energy Healing experience.

The Cayce Center, NYC  (15 months) • 3 hours each class

Past workshops Included ~ Gem Waters; Crystal Grids; All things Rock Crystal; The Garnet Family; Arkansas Quartz & The Elmwood Mine; Grounding Stones; The Calcite Family; Alignment Stones; Geometry in Crystals & Nature; Root Chakra Stones; Sacral Chakra Stones; Solar Plexus Stones; Heart Chakra Stones; Throat Chakra Stones; Third Eye Stones; Crown Chakra Stones.


Color & Light in Crystals

Color & Light are energetic vibrations that bring great healing, clearing & alignment.  They appear throughout nature, and have been studied intently in regards to how exactly they bring healing.  When they appear in Crystals, their healing & clearing properties are magnified, and are a very important part of why crystals are such powerful healers.  In this workshop we will explore the elements that create color and light refraction that occurs to present us with the colors that bring us this healing.

Color & light healing naturally occurs during this educational & experiencial workshop... great for novice crystal lovers as well as crystal hounds & experienced crystal healers... a lot of information that informs working with crystals for healing & alignment, with 3 free stones to take home.

Part of the Advanced Crystal Healing Certification Course


A Touch of Aromatherapy

A quick overview of some Essential Essential Oils

Crystal Connection, Wurtsboro, NY


Intro to Crystal Healing
Have you been interested in experiencing or giving a crystal healing?

Learn the basics in this brief overview of how and why crystal healing works,

and some of the methods used by practitioners.

Crystal Connection, Wurtsboro, NY


NYC Crystal Classes, NYC Essential Oil Classes, NYC Meditation Classes, NYC Astrology Classes

previous workshops at Cayce Center's ARE of NYC; Earth Tribe Yoga, SF; The Faerie Den, NYC; Lyons Love, CO;

The Crystal Connection, Wurtsboro NY; Mystic Garden, Woodstock NY; Meta-Mystic Retreat, CA; The Beehive, NYC; et al.


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