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Channeled Energy Healing Modality

Cleansing, Clearing, Regenerative and life changing, this particular vibrational frequency works to reset our being from the cellular through the energetic levels... offering a special influence from the stars. A vision of this work was shown to me after a meteor shower in the fall of 2017.  It worked so well for my own healing and manifestation that I offered it to friends, and then long term clients. It's worked so well for all I've shared it with that I'm currently writing a book about it. 
$175/90 minutes with brief Consultation
$222/2hrs with Full Consultation

StarDrop™ Light Transmissions
 $75/half hour
*Introductory Offer -- $60/half hour*

In Person healing session

"Just a note to say thank you. I have no idea what you did but I definitely feel different.  I feel lighter and calmer, and yesterday things that always seem so hard to accomplish seemed to happen much more easily.  It's strange. I'm really excited for our next session. I'm hoping to hold on to this feeling.  Thank you"
Erica, NYC

Long Distance healing session
"The Energy & StarDrop Healing were very powerful!
I haven't felt this good in months. Seriously, it's like night and day."
Lauréll, San Francisco

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