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Connecting with Crystals...

The Beehive... ??! 10, 11 or 12/2011 or 2012

march 2013 Earth Tribe

1/18?/14, Cayce Center

march, in lyons & at FD

?may/june at FD?

early august 2014 Mystic Garden Fest

12/6/14, FD

1/18/15, FD

1/24/16, FD

2/7/16, FD

3/12/16, FD $40

Saturday 11/12/16, 1-5pm ~ Awakenings, 605 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn ~ $40





Sunday 2/25/18, 2-6pm  $40

The Faerie Den

Sunday 9/23/18 • 2-6pm

May 2018 tfd

Sunday • 11/4  2-6pm • $40


Saturday 3/24/18, 2-6pm  $55

Awakening, 605 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Crystals & The Chakras

Are you curious about the healing properties of crystals, and how they work with the Chakra system?  This workshop covers key stones used for each chakra, along with information on how

the stones work for healing and how they correlate to the Chakras. You will leave

with a deeper knowledge of using crystals for healing & well-being.

•free crystal chakra kit included•

Saturday 10/6/18 • 1-5pm • $66

The Crystal Connection

Wurtsboro, NY

Call 845-888-2547 to Register

Facebook Event Page

and at Awakenings



As of Wed 2/4/15~

Searched FB events, early cayce class flyers,



Connecting with Crystals ~

12. 4/26/15, The Faerie Den

11.  1/18/15, The Faerie Den

10.  12/6/14, FD

9.   5/18/14, FD

8.   3/23/14, FD

7.   3/16/14, Lyons Love, CO

6.   1/18/14, Cayce Center, NYC

I believe there was at least one class in here, after the studio anya event with  jon, kiril & charmaine… & the match my spirit at reflections… maybe I’m wrong on those dates?  But I know I was telling people I teach it every other month, and had done two months in a row I thought in the fall of 2013.  ??!!

Renegade at EvolveFest for sure last weekend of August 2013     +2

5.   8/18/13, Mystic Garden, NY

4.   7/15/13, FD

3.   6/23/13, Avalon at Arc 44 Crystal & Essential Oil intuiting, tho mainly crystals

2.   4/7/13, Earth Tribe Yoga

Again, I thought I taught this class before Earth Tribe, but after Beehive.  Not as positive about this, but seems like…yeah… I think I did teach in late 2012.. ??!

1.   Summer/Fall of 2009 I think, since that seems to be the year The Rock Girl stopped talking to me.  The Beehive


Power of Crystals, Awakening, 12/2/17, 2-5pm $55

Crystals & The Chakras, Saturday 9/9/17, 4:30-6:30pm ~ $40 

Awakening NY, 605 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Tickets ~ 718-349-1380


Crystal Healing Certification

Summer (July?) with Maryl & zia

•9/22-24/17 Weekend Immersive ~ SOLD OUT

•10/9, 10/16 & 10/23/17 ~ Monday Daytime ~ SOLD OUT•

•11/3-5 Weekend Immersive ~ Fri 6-9, Sat & Sun 10:30-5:30 ~ SOLD OUT•

December (11/28, etc.)

3/9-11/18, friday 3-9, sat & sun 11-6 or 7

August course 2018?

Tuesdays in October • 10/9, 10/16 & 10/23 • 11am-6pm

Weekend Intensive • 1/25, 1/26 & 1/27/19 • Fri 5-9pm, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm

Weekend Intensive • 3/29, 3/30 & 3/31/19 • Fri 5-9pm, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm
Summer didn't make?

Weekend Intensive 9/27-9/29/19

Weekday 10/8, 10/15 & 10/22/19

Weekend Intensive 11/2 & 11/3/19


Crystal Healing

3/29/14, Cayce

10/18/14, Cayce

Intro to Crystal Healing Saturday 12/3/16, 1-2pm ~ The Crystal Connection, Wurtsburo, NY ~ $25

3/4/17, Awakening NY, $80


8/5/17, 11:30-5:30pm ~ $145* $30 Crystal Chakra Kit Included*, Crystal Connection Center, Wurtsboro, NY


Addicted to Crystals, every month since 4/14 (10 month early feb)

Quartz & Locations, Grounding Stones, Garnets, Chakras, Alignment Stones, Crystal

Thur 4/14 ~ Intro, Arkansas or S. Carolina Quartz? (travis find), Elmwood Mine TN

Thur 5/14 ~ Rock Crystal Quartz & Locations

Thur 6/26/14 ~

Thur 7/24/14 ~

Thur 8/28/14 ~

Thur 9/25/14 ~

Mon 10/20/14 ~ Sacral Chakra

Mon 11/17/14 ~ Solar Plexus

Mon 12/15/14 ~ <3 Heart Chakra Stones <3 ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm

Thur 1/22/15 ~ Crystal Grids ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm

Thur 2/19/15 ~ Throat Chakra Stones ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm

Thur 3/19/15 ~ The Calcite Family ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm

Thur 4/23 ~ Third Eye Stones ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm  

Thur 5/14  ~ Geometry in Crystals & Nature ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm

Thur 6/18 ~ Crown Chakra Stones ~ $30 ~ 6:30-9pm



Experiencing Crystals & Oils

1/24/15    Free workshop for ARE Psychic Fair

6/23/13    Crystal  & Oil Intuiting, Avalon at Arc 44 (†Connecting with Crystals too)


Crystal Day Trip

10/26/14,   Crystal Healings and Basic Crystal Teaching





Foraging for Resins in the Bristlecone Pine Forest, Floracopeia Teachers Retreat, late April, early may/2010

4/24/14  Planet Heart’s 8th annual world peace Earth Day Celebration & Benefit, Earth Panel?






Astrology 101

12/20/11,  FD

7/21/13,    Avalon at Arc 44 (Story of the signs & their progression & animal symbols)

2/24/16, FD


Astrology Empowerment with Fil

July 18-?, 2013, FD

9/28-10/19, 2014, FD

Astrology Essentials

Learn the basic building blocks of astrology, and how they relate to your own

personal map of the stars at the time of your birth. We'll cover Signs, Symbols, Planets, Houses,

the Cardinal Cross & Quadrants, Elements & Modes, the Moons' Nodes, and more... all while applying these principles to your own natal charts. By workshop end, you will posses all you need

to start your own personal journey into the world of Astrology.  *Natal Chart included

Saturday 4/2/16, 12-6pm ~ The Faerie Den, W. 55th St., NYC ~ $75

need to revamp this to get folks in better, or only teach after crystal folks... prep better.


Astrology Intensive

also Oct 2017

Join us to learn the basic building blocks of Astrology

and how they relate to your own personal map of the stars at the time of your birth!
We'll start with the story of the Signs. This simple story will help you to remember the signs
and establish their relationship to the planets & houses, which is the crux of Astrological understanding. Next we'll explore the meaning of the astronomical position of the planets in relation to each other. Then we'll move on to what the Symbols in Astrology mean, how the Elements & Modes are influential, the Cardinal Cross & Quadrants of the chart (plus their deeper connections), Aspects of the planets in relation to each other in your chart, the Moon's Nodes (including the significance of the dragon's tale), and cover several key Asteroids... all while applying these principles to your own natal charts.

Lastly we will interpret our own charts and those of public figures. 
By the end of the workshop you will have the tools you need to be able to start interpreting your chart, and the charts of your friends & loved ones. You will posses all you need to start your own personal journey into the world of Astrology, including deepening your connection to the Universe, and the personal alchemical transformation that comes with the understanding of this wisdom. 

•Natal Chart included. Message Laurelle with your birth date, place, and the exact time if you have it•

*Seating limited to 10*

Saturday 9/15/18 & Sunday 9/16/18 • 12-6pm

$175 by 9/14 • $200 for installments or for after 9/14  • $100 for one day only

"For many people, their knowledge of astrology starts with knowing their Sun sign and reading

newspaper, magazine, and internet horoscopes based solely on the placement of the sun in their charts.

This is similar to asking someone what time it is and hearing either "morning, afternoon, or evening."
A stronger understanding of Astrology aids one in having a fuller understanding of their strengths, their weaknesses,

and their soul's path upon incarnating in this lifetime. Understanding how the planets can influence

personal and societal events helps us to plan our lives in a more energetically efficient way.
To get there, we must understand our natal charts and what signs and houses the planets (and asteroids)

were in at the time of our birth. Once we have an archetypal understanding of the signs, the houses, and the planets,

we can see how these energies interplay with our daily lives. Laurelle's class will help to do just that.
I took this class with her last year. Even though I had a decent understanding of astrology before, it helped to give me

a refresher of the fundamentals of astrology and to tie the different parts of it together in an easy to comprehend fashion.
Whether you are a newcomer to astrology, or you know the basics and just need a refresher,

I highly recommend this class to you.” -Peter, NYC

The Faerie Den

West 55th Street • NYC

Facebook Event Page Soon • Register Here



Essential Oils


A Touch of Aromatherapy

A quick overview of some Essential Essential Oils

Saturday 5/30/15 ~ 1pm

Crystal Connection, Wurtsboro, NY


The Essentials of Essential Oils

4/19/15, ARE (wisdom of aromatherapy)

4/7/13, Earth Tribe Yoga

2012?  Or 2010 or 2011 (after training), FD

The Wisdom of Aromatherapy with the power of crystals, 7/29/17, 1-5pm ~ $65, The Crystal Connection Center, Wurtsboro, NY






Meditation 101 (or Core Principals of Meditation)

1/15, 1/29, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26/15, ARE

2/21/15 & 3/15, Free workshops at Cayce



4/22/14, Meditating with Source Series, Modalities Cayce No one showed, Earth Day

    (explore methods to find your connect ion to stillness)


Meditating with Source - <3 & DanTien

2/25/14, Meditating w/Source, Insights to help you connect to yourself & All That Is, ARE, 9 ppl


Supported Practice

3/25/14 Connecting with Source, a quiet supported practice, FD

5/27/14 FD




New Life Expo, Unitribe room  2012

Heart & Mind 2012 & 2013

Mystic Garden NY 2013

Evolvefest 2013

Be The Strange 2013

KarmaFest 2013



Buyer for ~

Earth Tribe Yoga

Lyons Love


Classes at ~

Cayce Center, NYC

Earth Tribe Yoga, SF

Avalon at Arc 44, NY

The Beehive, NYC

Mystic Garden, NY

Lyons Love, CO

The Faerie Den, NYC

The Crystal Connection Center, Wurtsboro NY






Alchemicy Earth Healing for Personal & Planetary Ascention
Sound Bath ~ Herbalism ~ Sacred Geometry ~ Breathwork ~ Crystal Grid ~ Aromatherapy

Guided Chakra and Earth Healing Meditation

We have all been evolving to be more conscious of our actions so that we can be what we seek

in this world, and we are beginning to understand that we are a part of a deeper, bigger picture. 

The Earth itself is a living being. We are embedded into nature, mother earth, and we've come to

realize that there is no-inherent separate self. Mindfulness helps expand our senses of identity and meditation allows us to access stillness so that we can tune in to the vibrant, alive pulsating world

so we can live the path of radical deep interconnectedness.

Join Krystal Perkins, Michael Jay, Lester Loving & Laurelle Rethke for an evening celebraing Earth Day.

Let us protect and honor Mother Earth, and remove ourselves from the divisiveness, as we are all one. Let us come together to experience energetic alchemy to ignite our 6 senses with sound, guided visualizations and positive intentions.  Let us quiet our minds to balance and harmonize with our true divine nature! ♥

Thursday 4/21/16, 7-10pm ~ Energy exchange $40
There is limited seating, so please reserve your tickets below

Bring your own yoga matt, pillow or yoga blanket for your comfort.

Fairy Fair • NJ

Celebrate Fairies & the Earth!

Readers, Healers, Vendors, Workshops

Connect with Crystal Fairies • Talk, Experience and Q&A •1pm

Crystal Healings & Rock Readings •2-5pm

Experience opening to the subtle energies of stones and the fairies who dwell within and around them.  This mini workshop will show you how to meet the Crystal Deva’s, Nature Spirits and Elementals while connecting more deeply to nature and our own innate intuitive wisdom.

Saturday 5/19/18 11-6pm  Free Admission

5 Pequannock Ave Pequannock, NJ

Facebook Events Page

Energy Healing Basics

Are you interested in offering Energy Healing to friends, loved ones, or to increase your

healing practice knowledge? Reiki, Qigong, IET, Brennan and other Energy Healing modalities all have a similar basis in their work.  Learn about these basics, my own energy healing methods, and experience applying them for optimal retention.  Plenty of time for questions, plus handouts for further study.

From Qigong to Brennan, learn basic Energy Healing Techniques and

perimeters to bring health and wellness to others and yourself.

Sunday May 20, 12-6pm  $75

The Faerie Den or nearby location

Facebook Event PageRegister Here

Touch Mother Earth• Weekend Festival

Connecting w/ Crystals & The Natural World • Talk time TBD

Experience connecting to the subtle energies of stones and feel how this connection assists us in connecting more fully with ourselves and the Natural World around us. From science to actual techniques, we’ll cover consciousness, nature, spirituality & love to bring in a more holistic, balanced, & grounded life. Get your questions about working with crystals answered in this natural color & energy healing experience, and explore how crystals can help us open to our own innate intuitive wisdom.  

Saturday 6/2/18 • Mount Eden Retreat, NJ • $75-$110

Facebook Event Page

Crystals, Cookies & Sound Healing

Crystal Talk & Book Signing
This event will be an exploration of the Healing Power of Crystals!
Join Laurelle on an experiential journey with Crystals, and get your questions answered about working with them. Ms. Laurelle Rethke, founder of 5 Sense Healing and The Faerie Den, will lead us on a Meditative Journey with Crystals and offer guidance on Cleansing and Clearing Crystals. Feel free to bring your own Crystals and your Crystal questions.
She will also be available to sell and sign the newly published work "Harmony in Chakras".
Ms. Diamond Thomas Horton of Heavenly Vegan will have delectable Vegan baked goods for purchase.
The event will conclude with an immersive Healing Sound Bath facilitated by Ms. Jessica Bonds, LCSW.
Our "Higher Self" Pavilion will offer Table Massage amd Chakra Clearing with Ms. Safiyah Ife, and Bath n Body Products by Cassandra Calls of The Knobby Broom
Admission is $10 in advance through PayPal (BronxHolisticHealing@gmail.com) & $15 at the Door.

Sunday June 3, 2-6pm  

$10 in advance* • $15 at the door

(*Paypal: BronxHolisticHealing@gmail.com for $10 advance tickets)

Confetti Party Place

3190 Weschester Ave., Bronx, NY

Facebook Event Page

Tongue Reading & Stone Medicine

Classical Chinese Tongue Diagnosis and Stone Application Practicum

Chinese Medicine examines the tongue to reveal information about a person’s current state of health. This class will introduce a simple approach to tongue diagnosis, and from there we will use stones therapeutically according to the principles of Chinese Medicine to address the various energetic conditions that we find. Join us to learn and experience an ancient, fascinating system of diagnosis and a powerful way of restoring balance in the body. Taught by Adam Sharon (L.Ac, MS).

Bonus: Video of this course included afterward for further study and retention

Sunday, June 30th • 12pm-6pm

In person or via Zoom video

Call 917-406-0225 for further info

Further information & Registration here

The Faerie Den

West 55th Street between 8th & 9th ave, NYC
Full address sent upon registration