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Vibrational Healing Therapies

"You're like a tuning fork!" Timothy, NYC

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Intuitive Vibrational Healing

Crystals, Essential Oils, Source Energy & Sound attuned to your needs

Allow yourself to be engulfed in nature’s scents, crystalline energies, Source connection and healing sound during this true body-mind-spirit experience. I intuit with your guides to bring in peace, love, joy and deep healing as you are fully immersed in a vibrational healing experience. 

$175/90 minutes with brief Consultation    

$220/2hrs with Full Consultation   

$275/2.5 hours - recommended for First Sessions for the fullest experience 

$90/45 minute mini-session "tune-up"

Testimonials in strip below....

Crystal Healing Therapies

Align to your truest self with the assistance of nature’s most ancient wisdom keepers. As a physical manifestation of the Divine, crystals are considered crystallized light consciousness, here to support us during our journey through this physical incarnation on Earth. The minerals, sacred geometric crystalline structures, color and vibrational frequencies with them work energetically with your body’s intelligence to cleanse, balance, attune and heal––assisting you to align to the perfection of the Divine within you.

In these sessions, Laurelle works with your guides to assist with specific intentions that you request, using both crystals and energy healing. Experience the power of crystals first-hand in these magical sessions.

$120/1hr with no consultation

$150/90 minutes Intuitive Layouts with brief Consultation

$150/90 minutes Melody Crystal Arrays with brief Consultation

$180/2hrs with Full Consultation

"Thank you so much for an amazing session! I'm feeling SO MUCH better.

You're work makes me believe in this stuff because I can really feel it."

Megan H., NYC

Energy Healing

Relax, unwind, balance, connect and align during this personally developed approach utilizing Source Energy, StarDrop™, Zhineng Qigong La Qi, Barbara Brennan Energy Healing techniques, traditional Indigenous techniques, Sacred Geometry, light body work, and other Vibrational and Bioenergy techniques for Chakra Balancing and Healing.  Laurelle connects with your guides, angels & true spirit self... working with them to provide your highest good.  Intuitive messages are related, and often key healing information comes through.

$90/hr with no consultation

$120/90 minutes with brief Consultation

$150/2hrs with Full Consultation

"You are a powerful energy healer who grounds enormous amounts of healing energy. 

I felt really grounded and centered after your work, and still feel much more grounded and centered

one week later.  You definitely connect to a very positive energy source, and also

taught me the tools I needed to deal with negative energies on my own."

Russell, NYC

"Your work feels like waves through the fabric of space-time cascading upon my energetic bodies, rippling through the fibers of my being.  I can sense a warmth and vibratory sensation of positivity and life-force being focused in different areas, much like one would use a magnifying glass to amplify the light of the sun wherever it points."

Peter, NYC

StarDrop™ Channeled Energy Healing

Cleansing, Clearing, Regenerative and life changing, this particular vibrational frequency works to reset our being from the cellular through the energetic levels... offering a special influence from the stars. A vision of this work was shown to me after a meteor shower in the fall of 2017.  It worked so well for my own healing and manifestation that I offered it to friends, and then long term clients. It's worked so well for all I've shared it with that I'm currently writing a book about it. 

$90/hr with no consultation

$120/90 minutes with brief Consultation

$150/2hrs with Full Consultation

In Person healing session

"Just a note to say thank you. I have no idea what you did but I definitely feel different.  I feel lighter and calmer, and yesterday things that always seem so hard to accomplish seemed to happen much more easily.  It's strange. I'm really excited for our next session. I'm hoping to hold on to this feeling.  Thank you"

Erica, NYC

Long Distance healing session

"The Energy & StarDrop Healing were very powerful!

I haven't felt this good in months. Seriously, it's like night and day."

Lauréll, San Francisco

Sound Healing

Gong, Bowls, Bells, Chimes & Tuning Forks

Sound shakes off all that is no longer serving you, allowing your cells and energy to revert to their original state.  Using healing grade Himalyan and Tibetan bowls; Osteophonic (on the body) tuning forks; Solar Spectrum (C-C), Fibonacci and Asteroid Overtone (off the body) tuning forks; Woodstock and Koshi Chimes; a gong; crystal Singing Bowls and Bells; I work to cleanse, revitalize and tune your entire energetic and physical system. Other instruments come out as needed and energy healing is included. These session are also especially soothing to the mind and emotions.

$90/hr with no consultation

$120/90 minutes with brief Consultation

$150/2hrs for fullest sound bath experience

Central Park "Forest Bathing"

Spend some time with me in central park exploring the principals and practices of Forest Bathing locally so you might incorporate them wherever in nature you roam. Including guidance and meditations that will assist you to open your 5 Senses to the magical healing influence of nature, and more fully understand how this practice can benefit your everyday life. Movement and energy modalities can be incorporated into this time at your request. Experience communing more deeply with nature and the ancient wisdom within her to release stress and help your body to heal itself naturally.

$120/1 hour

$180/2 hours


Essential Oil Therapies

Release emotional, mental and physical stress while connecting to nature through organic scents that

bring great physical healing.  Scent by-passes the thinking brain (thalamus), entering directly into the emotional center of the brain to heal and soothe emotions. The components in essential oils enter our nerves through skin application, and stimulate the electrical particles in the nerves to heal the physical body & raise our vibrational frequency.  Sesquiterpenes, a component of many Essential Oils, additionally cross the blood-brain barrier and support the amygdala so that we can enter the frontal lobes and truly transcend time, space and matter.



Engulf your senses in soothing and calming therapeutic-grade essential oils, as they drop along your spine and are brushed in with a feather touch and a light massage.  Stress relieving, emotionally rejuvenating, and physically grounding, this treatment assists detox, and is excellent for relieving viruses, auto-immune disorders, chronic fatigue, back pain and scoliosis.  These sessions deliver the therapeutic effects of essential oils while pampering yourself at the same time.

Young Living Essential Oils only, $150/75 min

Organic & Wild-Harvested Therapeutic Grade Oils, $120/1hr

Mini-Therapy (sans foot work) ~ $90/45 minutes


Emotional Release & Rejuvenation® 

A similar application to RainDrop®, Emotional Release and Rejuvenation® focuses on Essential Oils that lightly detox, encourage emotional release, and uplift you to bring emotional healing and well-being.  We end each session with a brief consultation to soothe any issues that may arise.  A short phone consultation is needed before the session if you'd like to add oils for specific issues.

Standard ER&R ~ $120/1hr

Standard ER&R plus brief consultation ~ $150/90 min

ER&R with Full Consultation for specific issues ~ $175/2 hrs


Kansa Wand Light-Touch Healing Facial, Head & Foot Massage

These special wands are made in a traditional manner, from a pure source of the ancient sacred metal alloy Kansa (known in the modern world as Bronze).  This metal was created 5000 years ago in the same culture that is thought to have developed the principles and practices of India's ancient Holistic Healing system, Ayurveda... and is dubbed as the "healing metal" in this traditional Indian practice.  Kansa wands are described as a mini-facelift, since they uplift the facial features... but they bring so much more.  Applied in delicate to moderately pressured strokes on the head, face, neck, shoulders and feet, this practice assists us in relaxing and opening, as well as bringing in a fuller wellness and beauty.  Try this ancient art of Kansa wanding, along with Laurelle's energy work, to bring the body to the quiet, centered and fully-realized state that only this ancient healing art can provide. 

Sound, Oils & Crystals can be added to enhance the experience. 

Kansa Wanding with Energy work ~ $75/45min session

Kansa Wanding with Sound, Crystals or Oils ~ $120/90 minute session




Georgia Cee
musician, producer, shoe designer

"Thank you so much...  was really one of my best spiritual experiences!"

kierra foster-ba_edited.jpg

Kierra Foster-Ba
5Rhythms teacher, body wisdom coach

"What is joy to you?  A day spent at the beach?  Dancing on table tops in a dive bar in a foreign city? Seeing a sonogram of your soon to be born child?  Entering into a healing relationship with Laurelle was like that for me.

Her incredible insights; immensely doable prescriptions and her bone deep wisdom filled me with wonder; self-acceptance; and the assurance that I could heal. One of the many reasons I recommend Laurelle is her expert listening. This allows her to fine tune what she has already intuited so that the healing modality she selects is perfect for what you are working with in that particular session. When you combine this with her fairy princess vibration you cannot help but be transported to the realm where your own healing resides. I thank her so much for all the peace and well-being she has helped me achieve."

Gina Jarrin 1.jpeg

Gina J.K.
actor, screenwriter, producer

"When I came upon Laurelle’s business from doing a local search for crystals, little did I know I’d fortuitously found something much bigger, almost life-changing. Her incredible knowledge of stones and crystals notwithstanding, she is foremost a healer, a true masterful and calming voice that will guide you where you need to be. I’ve had two energy healings from Laurelle to date. Should you choose this, you will be in the presence of a kind soul that listens with the clearest and most commanding attention — she gets you and knows exactly where/how your energy needs to be aligned. After my most recent healing where I needed to clear blocking and find a faster pathway to my goal, l left the Faerie Den feeling enlightened, joyful. Within 10 minutes, I received an email from the film executive I had been waiting to hear from. I literally had to step aside on my walk up Broadway to stop and re-read what I was seeing. If you are open to hearing and receiving guidance from masters, then look no further. Her generosity of spirit, her words, and her energy will be a wonderful thing. I also did a phone energy guidance, so if you are not in NYC, please know you are present with her at any time or place."

*Crystal & Energy work also available Long Distance*

Sliding scale available to those who qualify ~ 24 hour cancellation policy

Pay for Long Distance & Local Sessions at

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